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Special Activities

特別活動 englishNotices: The activity of “MCP Party” only available for International Plan(International Delegates).


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Registration & Payment

Registration until 2014/7/31

票價資訊 english
You agree that Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education inform your personal information to Talents database of International Affaire and use the information by following the Personal Information Protection Act. To protect your personal information, please make sure you agree all the contexts bellow. Once you finish the register, your personal information will be use in various purpose under the protection of Personal Information Protection Act.
1.The Purpose of gathering your personal information: To provide the high-quality service and the accuracy of job execute, Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education will use your personal information based on Personal Information Protection Act and relative laws. You agree the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education use the personal information that you offered to identify your ID, to contact with you and provide the relative service and information; included the notification…etc.
2.The Genre of Personal Information: Please provide your Personal Information for the register requirement, which included: Name, Contact, personal ID, E-mail address…etc.
3.You agree the usage of personal information, which includes: Duration: Before 30 year-old Country: Republic of China(Chinese Taipei/Taiwan) Object: Project manager of Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education Usage: By phone call, e-mail, file or any proper usage on different device
4. You agree that Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education inform your personal information to Talents database of international affaire and use the information by following the Personal Information Protection Act.
5. You agree that the case remains the rights to keep and use your personal information after the purpose of gathering your personal information has been expired. Other the situation of project executive duration and the necessary of laws requirements, you can ask the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education to delete, un-processing or use your personal information as you want.
6. You get the choice to choose the purpose of your personal information. The Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education has the rights to stop providing the service due to the situation (of): (1) If you choose not to provide the information (2) Only provide uncertain information to the case (3) Ask the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education to delete part or all of your personal information (4) The personal information that you provide cannot be use to identify you ID (5) Use others personal information illegitimately and cause the Youth Development Administration cannot process the verification (Please understand the un-convenience)
7.Please feel free to ask/e-mail the event organizer, we will be happy to help you solve the problem(answer your questions)!

Pre-Stay & Pre-Tour

會錢旅遊 english2會錢旅遊 english會錢旅遊 english3accommodation english


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Visa Guideline

VISA Guideline Booklet:

簽證指導手冊 ENGLISH'


Name 王芃 Lucas Wang
E-mail Address
Mobile Number 886+975031709
Skype ID lucaswang9



Registration and Payment 

1. How to Pay my bill?

  • Convenient store(7-11/Hi-Life/Family mart/OK)
  • Credit card
  • ATM Transaction(Notice: International payment only available for credit card payment)

2.How to pay from other countries?

International Payment ONLY available for VISA/ MASTERCARD/ JCB

3.What if my credit card are not verify by payment system?

Please make sure your credit card access for the international transaction process

4.How to print the Payment Bill in convenient store?

Please check this :

5.It is acceptable for any refund and cancellation?

Yes . The refund and cancellation will conduct by Citytalk and please contact Citytalk directly.Please do notice the Refund and cancellation Rules and due date.

6.What should I do If I miss the due date for the ticket refund and cancellation?

The refund apply will not be acceptable after the due date.
In order to keep your rights, please do apply the refund before due date(July 15th) if it is needed.

7.What should I do if I lose my ticket?

Please download the E-ticket again from the Citytalk Order Page.

8.Can I buy the ticket seperately if I only interested in some of the event?

To have a better service and delegate experience, we strongly advice you can participate the series event with us!

9.Can i just refund the single ticket from group ticket package?

Sorry.It is not acceptable

Check in

1. Will offer the accommodation information if I’m the applicants from Taiwan?

We will offer the accommodation information for Taiwanese delegates as reference.

2.It is any dress code for the summit?

Smart Casual is acceptable and Please do not wear short pant/skirt and slipper

3.How to identify as a delegate on summit?

Please print out or scan your QR code on E-ticket for accession.

  • How to get the E-ticket?
  • The E-ticket will sent to your  email box after payment completed.Or you can download the E-ticket after payment completed



Contact Us

Contact Us

For futher inquiry,please feel free to contact us directly.
Customer Service Mailbox
2.Mobile Number
3.Skype ID
Customer Service of Global Youth Leadership Summit
 Leslie Lian
+886 958092757
 Lucas Wang
+886 975031709
Organizing Committee President

of Global Youth Leadership Summit

 June Sim
+886 979277147


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