• International Congress
    2014 TAIWAN

    AIESEC - World's largest student-run organization
    International Congress

    124 Countries & Territories
    1000 Young Leaders

    Coming June, gather in Taiwan

  • The Heart of Asia, Taiwan A small island live by HEART-TOUCHING residents and NEVER-give-up spirit.

    AIESEC in Taiwan decided to take the challenge of hosting the congress and to give Taiwan a chance to be seen by the world. Since 2014 is also the 50th anniversary of AIESEC in Taiwan, it is particularly meaningful that after 3 tough years of efforts, we finally won bit to host first AIESEC International Congress in Taiwan in Dec, 2013.

  • Youth Leadership,
    Spark the World!
    Through the 3 sub-themes, let our world hear the youth voice


    Innovation and Integration

    Social Responsibility

Youth Leadership
Spark the world

What’s your dream?
Dare to dream; just go!

Innovation and Integration
In the era with information explosion,
it’s time to showcase youth’s innovation and integration!

Social Responsibility
Time changes fast, and social and environmental issues constantly emgerge;
Youth can create impact, and be the change agent!

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