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  • Youth leadership to spark the world!

    378270_359013760845058_2046981997_nOn August 16th 2014, AIESEC International Congress will bring together 700 top young leaders from all over the world in Kaohsiung, to set goals for the next period, discuss how to overcome some of the challenges we face today and help move the world forward. AIESEC International Congress is the biggest and most anticipated event in the organization, taking place annually and uniting the representatives of AIESEC entities from 124 countries and territories. Organized by AIESEC International, the congress consists of 10 days of discovery, collaboration and inspiration for the current top-level leaders in the organization. During that time, they will tackle the importance of self-fulfillment, innovation, integration and social responsibility as possible solutions for numerous environmental and social challenges today.
    In AIESEC, we believe that youth leadership is the fundamental solution to the challenges facing the world and the key to achieving Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential. With the theme “Youth Leadership, Spark the world!”, we hope to create awareness of the need for youth leadership, innovation, awareness and initiative in today’s world. To achieve this, we will have the help of 100 business managers and AIESEC Alumni and 20 partners, performers and VIP representatives who will be attending the congress. Present in 124 countries worldwide, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run non-for-profit and non-political organization providing 100,000 university students and recent graduates annually with life changing leadership development experiences in university and global internships around the world. AIESEC works with thousands of organizations from startups, social enterprises, multinationals, institutions and governments in facilitating volunteer and work abroad global internships.

  • The Heart of Asia, Taiwan A small island live by HEART-TOUCHING residents and NEVER-give-up spirit.

    AIESEC in Taiwan decided to take the challenge of hosting the congress and to give Taiwan a chance to be seen by the world. Since 2014 is also the 50th anniversary of AIESEC in Taiwan, it is particularly meaningful that after 3 tough years of efforts, we finally won bit to host first AIESEC International Congress in Taiwan in Dec, 2013.

  • Youth Leadership,
    Spark the World!
    Through the 3 sub-themes, let our world hear the youth voice


    Innovation and Integration

    Social Responsibility

Youth Leadership
Spark the world

What’s your dream?
Dare to dream; just go!

Innovation and Integration
In the era with information explosion,
it’s time to showcase youth’s innovation and integration!

Social Responsibility
Time changes fast, and social and environmental issues constantly emgerge;
Youth can create impact, and be the change agent!

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